Territory Sales Representative

The responsibilities of a Territory Sales Representative include presenting our products and services to potential clients, identifying specific consumer characteristics or demographic information, and recommending new ways to successfully promote our products for increased sales.

• Acts as an essential point-of-contact for existing and potential customers within assigned territory and MINE2SHARE LLC;
• Identifies region-specific business opportunities and challenges;
• Reports on regional sales results (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually);
• Presents our products and services to prospective customers, and innovates new, effective means of presentation when necessary;
• Identifies customer needs and recommends related product solutions;
• Works closely with other salespeople and other internal teams to meet individual and group sales quotas;
• Processes incoming orders, and processes payables (includes billing, incoming money transfers, and incoming bitcoin/ethereum transfers)
• Sustains and updates MINE2SHARE product knowledge in order to effectively answer customer questions about features, pricing and additional services;
• Cross-sells products, when appropriate;
• Collaborates with sales representatives from different territories to share best practices and support a cohesive company sales approach.

Posted on May 18, 2019
Location USA/Canada
Trial period Four weeks
Hours/Status 40 per week/Full Time
Type Home Based

Collection Manager

The position of Collections Manager involves ensuring that collections cases are handled efficiently, professionally, and according to company policy. The person awarded this position will be responsible for making collections, as well as managing the department generally.

•Resolves billing and customer credit issues;
• Reviews and approves requests to settle accounts;
• Monitors team direct check payment baseline to ensure debtor compliance;
• Prevents, deescalates and resolves debtor complaints, as necessary;
• Delivers money to the company account, and plans for such deliveries;
• Processes payments and refunds;
• Manages blockchain deals;
• Reports on collection activity and accounts receivable status.

Posted on May 22, 2019
Location USA/Canada
Trial period Four weeks
Hours/Status 20 per week/Part Time, 40per week/Full Time
Type Home Based

Operations Manager

You will also be responsible for service trade contracts for the supply of equipment, and the purchasing of products from our partners that are necessary for successful operations.You will receive and process payment from customers and clients for the services purchased from us, so familiarity with online transfer institution procedures is helpful.

• Ensures that all operations are conducted in a company-specific, cost effective and timely manner, and aligned with the specifications and quality requirements of MINE2SHARE LLC;
• Designs or improvesthe operational systems, processes and best practices that
guarantee organizational fluidity, team engagement, and growth-related results in the
new office;
• Purchases materials, plans inventory, and strategizes for efficiency in the new office;
• Contributes towards the achievement of MINE2SHARE’s strategic and operational
• Examines financial data/statements, and utilizesrelated data to improve profitability;
• Performs quality controls, and monitors KPI’s;
• Recruits, trains, supervises and appraises human resources;
• Conducts clerical tasks related to the efficient maintenance and processing of

Posted on Mar 18, 2019
Location USA/Canada
Trial period Four weeks
Hours/Status 40 per week/Full Time
Type Home Based

Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant performs administrative and office support activities for multiple supervisors. The administrative assistant works in a home/office or personal workspace. S/he regularly reports to the Quality Improvement Manager and collaborates with other members of the Central Office staff as well regional Specialist teams. Our unparalleled training & mentorship programs provide a unique opportunity for coachable and committed individuals to thrive under a proven platform for success.

  • Prepares reports, summaries, or replies to inquiries, selecting relevant information from a variety of sources.
  • Process the orders, process payables (T&E, vendor billing, non-marketing billing).
  • Manage exclusive listings and their necessary updates.
  • Assist Agents with various inquiries; act as a liaison between agents and other departments.
  • Maintain all office records and files (transaction files, agent files, etc.).
  • Back up to the Office Manager as needed.
  • Assist with special projects as needed.
Posted on July 08, 2019
Location USA/Canada
Trial period Two weeks
Hours/Status 20 per week/Part Time, 40per week/Full Time
Type Home Based

DevSecOps Engineer

The security of our products and our platform is existential to the work we do. To address the growing needs of our organization, we are looking for DevSecOps Engineers to join our expanding team. As a DevSecOps Engineer, you will work alongside engineers to design and build secure software solutions for our cloud-based infrastructure. You will be responsible for analyzing complex systems, identifying security vulnerabilities, advocating for security across engineering teams and leadership, and writing code to help secure a growing platform.

  • Develop and implement automation to eliminate entire classes of weaknesses across the organization.
  • Write code to harden the defenses of a growing platform.
  • Perform deep architecture and security reviews on highly complex products to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Assist and enable engineering teams to adopt secure development practices.
  • Work closely with engineering and product teams to drive security issues to resolution.
  • Application and Information Security both within the organization, and with our customers.
Posted on Feb 07, 2019
Location USA
Trial period Two weeks
Hours/Status 40-45 per week/Full Time
Type Office Based